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What if you fell through the sky?
If I fell to my death, I would only have one request:
Remember who I was not who I tried to be, remember that I was free.

If you fell to your death, what would you think?
would you think of hell as you fell? or would it be heaven?

as I fall from the sky, I will close my eyes and start to cry. I'm not scared of death, but as I get put down to rest, I remember your eye's. The sun is going down and I began to frown. Oh how I wanted to see you one last time, before I died, but as I looked down into the water below, I remembered your glow. I looked around my last time and realized I was looking at you, you and your beautiful eye's, how they shined like the sun, and the clouds reminded me of your hair, it was oh so soft and fluffy, and the water glittering from bright sun beams reminded me of your shiny face. I closed my eye's and shed my last tear, I know I will always be in your heart, and will always be here. I'm just glad I will always keep my memories......

Sometimes we think when someone is gone that they are no longer with us, but our wonderful world will always keep them close, if you just look around.....
sometimes we think that if the people we love were to die, that we will never see them again, but truth is, we always have our memory. If they didn't give you something to hold onto, you find something. Everyone is beautiful and there is nothing wrong with crying. To find something in this world that reminds you of those people you once had, is like finding a diamond in the rough, so hang onto that diamond and keep it close!

If you dont get my entry and it was kinda horribly done, feel free to let me know so I can get better :)
This looks really good, and I loved the rhymes and imagery. Just one suggestion though. When writing 'eyes' as a plural, you do not need the apostrophe. Otherwise, it sounded fantastic, and really rolled of the mental tongue. I also like how you did the stanzas, giving it that feel of free verse, and allowing each thought to remain separate, but also keeping the poem together as a whole being.
Beautiful words, and really comforting too. The third line, "Remember who I was not who I tried to be" is probably my favorite. That part right after could probably be bumped down a line though.
Love you!
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December 30, 2012
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